Beautifying the nose in the open way or the closed way ??

The first question that is in the mind of the rhinoplasty patient is always: will you do the surgery in a way that is open or closed!!

To answer this question, I must know what the problem in your nose is.

I mean, if the problem is in the bones of the nose and just a slight hump, we can do it in a closed way.

But if the problem is in the tip of nose or a problem in multiple areas of the nose (twisted nose) or if the operation was done before and this is a Redo in these cases, we prefer the open technique.

So, what is the difference?

In fact, both have surgical incisions inside the nose so that we can go under the skin and soft tissues and repair the bones and cartilage, but in the open way we add a wound approximately 3 mm below the tip of the nose in the Columella.

The second fact is that the open technique is most common technique worldwide.

Finally, the wound 3 mm will not make much difference and it will not be that visible to the patient, but it makes a big difference with the surgeon, to have better and stable long-term results.

You have to know; the good surgeon will do the best technique according to your case.

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