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Doctor, I want a result like the one in this picture!!

Many times, the patient comes to me in the clinic with some pictures that he collected from some websites from the Internet, or some ads posted on Facebook and starts asking that he wants this form or wants to look like these pictures after his operation ...

In the past I could walk out the patient and tell him that you are not coming to request a delivery from the supermarket, but the truth now is that I feel it is my duty to explain to the patient what is wrong with this concept so that he does not go to anyone to take advantage for his desire.

First, in plastic surgery, every face or body has its own standards and aesthetic dimensions that suit it, I mean, the technique that fits others should not look good on you.

Second, maybe the picture you brought is not real and corrected on the computer with the ease of some programs or it may be depicted in a way that does not show any defects in the operation.

Third, you have a problem that you present to your doctor, and with his knowledge and experience, he will recommend the appropriate procedure for you as long as you trust him.

I mean in short, the mutual trust between you and your doctor is always the basis of getting the best results, and your choice of a qualified doctor with experience equals the success of your operation.

Okay if after the explanation the patient insisted that he wants to look like this picture I ask him: leave personal picture and I will make you exactly like this picture you want but with the Photoshop program not with the operation.

Pre and postop photo manipulation
Post Photoshop

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