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Liquid Rhinoplasty

This is simply a procedure in which some areas of the nose are filled with fillers to lift the tip of the nose slightly and solve minor deformities and irregularities in the dorsum of the nose and also possible by using Botox in some cases.

The focus on this procedure is often as if it were an alternative to surgical procedures, and here the problem is by exploiting people's fear of operations, amplifying the problems of anesthesia and surgery, and convincing the patient that the result will be fully achieved only by fillers.

Well, first, is there something called liquid rhinoplasty: of course there are fillers, a Botox injection and surgical threads that we can use to fix some problems in the nose, but these problems must be very simple, mostly in soft tissues, I mean the skin, the soft tissues underneath, and some muscles, like the one that makes the tip of the nose move with laughter or speech, and also we can use them after surgery if there is a simple irregularity that remains. But if the problem is in the bone, cartilage, or nasal septum, of course these things have no place at all.

The second important thing is that if you do these things and feel that the problem is still there, the surgery will be very difficult and there may be many complications.

The last thing you should understand is that the one who does this procedure must have a plastic surgery qualification who has a lot of experience in rhinoplasty and understands well the anatomical basis of the nose so that no bigger problem happens.

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