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Rhinoplasty in Modern Era

I noticed recently that most patients when they come to the consultation will have their first question: "How will you perform the operation for me"? Of course, a long time ago, I was surprised to be asked as if the patient wanted to teach me medicine or that he did not trust me, and I am a professor of plastic surgery who is originally a medical professor. But a little bit I started to get used to the question and understand its reasons:

- First, because most of the propaganda in the media depends on showing one technique as if it were the latest thing, "and it just came down yesterday".

- The same propaganda, media and some programs try to convince the audience that some doctors may not have heard about this operation, or that only the advertising doctor is the one that is professional in this technique. And he also starts to show up and amplify the problems of other operations and says in front of them the terms of the operation that he announces" as if they have no problems or complications.

- One of the reasons is also the presentation of many operations in detail on YouTube and all people go in to watch them in detail, and that is why the patient feels that he has understood all the details of the operation and makes sure that you know her well !!!

- Finally, because some dishonest medical centers have turned the operation into a commodity or product, and therefore the patient feels that each method has a price, and the patient begins to focus on the item (the operation) and forgets that he is coming to take an integrated medical service and this process is part of it.

Hopefully in the upcoming post we will start talking about everything that concerns our followers in rhinoplasty and nose job operations.

Patient concerns
Prof. ElShaer

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